School Field Trip Kindergarten A
05 Oct 2019

“We are going for a field trip” replied the students when they were asked where they were going. Excitement was shown as they were about to experience other things out of the school with teachers and friends. Students were told the destination and the intention of their school field trips.

For Kindergarten A level, they visited an art studio which is located at Jl Gaharu – Medan. Art’s Time is the name of the studio where the students were taught to shape some clay into different sizes and shapes. They were also taught to join the shapes to form another shape or pattern.

Forming a shape using clay may look simple yet it takes a lot of patience and require correct ways to make beautiful patterns and also certain equipments to form lines or mark on the clay to attain great figure. Both prior aspects such as fine motor skill and concentration are really trainned while forming the clay.