School Field Trip Kindergarten B
05 Oct 2019

Kindergarten B students are having a school field trip to Kualanamu International Airport by airport train which is Railink. We are hoping this field trip can enrich students’ education in innumerable ways.  It is not only to make learning joyful, tangible, but also to improve their empathy whereas everyone should respect and treat others as they want to be treated such as when queueing for tickets or toilet, we should wait for our turn patiently instead of cutting the line.

Students are introduced the ticket machine at the train station, giving space and time for the passengers to get off the train before we get on the train, sit properly during the journey. Everyone is so excited and having well spent time chatting with peers and teachers on the journey to the airport.

Arriving the airport, The representative from Angkasapura Team introducing the check-in area, waiting area and documents needed before boarding the aircraft. It is not about a place where students have never been before, it is more about the experience shared with friends and teachers which makes the journey memorable.